Start The Day Off Right.

The best way to begin the work day and take the first step to a healthier and happier life in 5 SIMPLE STEPS

Apologies to all the chronic ‘Snoozes’ out there. The Snooze button is a no go if you really want to start the day right. Try instead going to bed a little earlier or giving yourself a few seconds to take in waking life before instinctively leaping for the snooze button. Trust me on this one.

Too early



After your traumatic wake up its important to ease your mind into the day ahead, roll your legs out of the side of your bed, slowly place your feet on the floor and come up to standing in your own time. Then put your head to your chest and slowly roll down your body bending your knees slightly is you go. If you can touch your toes great. Afterwards take a few deep breaths whilst slowly unfurling your body back to standing. feel free to repeat this a couple of times.



Now the Jury is still out and the essential hydration in the morning but you can go wrong with a large glass of water. Hot or Cold, With Lemon or Without. Breath deeply and drink whilst taking in the morning ahead.



Whether you have the luxury of time for a 20 minute shower or a 2 minute sink wash. The benefits of clean, hydrated skin will most definitely set you up for a productive day.



Now would be the best time to put on your clothes for the day ahead. Don’t underestimate the potential of positivity whilst getting into your clothes. Give your self a goal for the day ahead. Setting a goal this early will form a stronger bond in your brain giving you a more favourable chance of actually achieving it.



5. EAT

Never start a morning without food. Whether you opt for some blueberries in natural yoghurt and granola, Wheat Biscuits with Milk or Some wholemeal Toast with Avocado. If you plan on making the most of your day Breakfast is Essential.



You’ve made it! It’s now time to get to work. Try this for a week and see how you feel. It will make a difference. The morning is not your enemy in fact it can be your greatest ally you just have to make reasonable terms with each other and you’ll soon find a prosperous relationship ahead.

EXTRA TIP: Don’t Forget to Pack a Banana, Apple or orange post commute before you start the important stuff.